Mengalirkan Pantun Asoy

Mengalirkan Pantun Asoy – Aloe vera is very famous for its beauty benefits for hair and skin. For lip health, aloe vera is also very useful. To redden the lips were black, you just have to apply aloe vera on your lips.

Efficacy of honey famous since ancient times for health and beauty. To redden the lips black can also use honey. honey on the lips and leave it for a while, then you should lick it. Squeeze the lemon juice and mix with meat cucumber. After that, you can rub it into your lips.

To redden the lips are black, you must perform the steps above routine. You will not see the results in just a short time. You need some time to get the best results.

Some causes your red lips become visible black among others, is due to smoking, ultra violet rays, drinking coffee, the abit of licking his lips and can also be congenital. To maintain healthy lips, you do not need to do the difficult thing is not it? Try some simple things above.


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